The purpose of Emotional Imaging is to make visible the invisible world of emotion.  With the Emotional-Imaging Composer, a patented multimedia instrument that translates biosignals into responsive environments in real-time, we seek to open a realm of emotional discourse that will fundamentally transform the way and sensitivity with which we treat one another.

Potential applications range from online emotional communication, performance and computer games to the investigation of phobias, autism and other communication disorders.


The Emotional-Imaging Composer’s Machine Learning technology captures physiological signals from a fingertip biosensor or EEG headband to map a user’s dynamic, real-time emotional state.  These signals are then processed to generate a fluid collage of visual images which, when projected, creates a rich, external manifestation of the person’s internal emotional experience. 

Because the Composer is meaningfully responsive to the smallest nuance of feeling, one can actually learn to play it using emotional intent.  As with a musical instrument, one may acquire mastery over the generation and synthesis of multimedia output.

The Emotional-Imaging Composer will enable both children and adults to design and create their personal emotional “weather systems.”  Additionally, digital artists working in all media will be able to collaborate with set designers, visual artists, musicians, mediators and clinicians of all kinds to develop and sell the first of what eventually will be countless immersive environments that are meaningfully responsive to emotional expression.


It is our intention to devote our unparalleled emotion-recognition capabilities to creating a world where the honest expression of one’s feelings becomes the safest and most reliable means of human discourse.  

With the coming to market of a new generation of tracking devices – rings, watches, EEG headsets – the Composer’s patent positions it to become the default technological platform for emotional communication, available to every aspect of human interaction: social, therapeutic, artistic.  It is also poised to become the indispensable emotional gateway to the Metaverse, where it will find a natural home.


Jordan Deitcher